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Depyrogenation Tunnels | Sterilization Tunnels Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Depyrogenation tunnels, also known as dry heat sterilization tunnels or hot air tunnels, are specialized equipment used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to remove pyrogens from vials, ampoules, and other containers used in the manufacturing of sterile products.

Sterilization and Depyrogenation Tunnel by Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

Harikrushna Machines offers state-of-art Pharmaceutical Sterilization & Depyrogenation Tunnel for drying, sterilization & depyrogenation of glass containers such as ampoules, vials, injection and infusion bottles, cartridges or syringes.

Key Features and Principles:

  1. High Temperature:
  2. Controlled Airflow:
  3. Conveyor System:
  4. Validation:
  5. Monitoring and Control:
  6. Materials Compatibility:

Tunnel for drying, sterilization and depyrogenation

Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd. offers a diverse array of sterilization tunnels, delivering versatile solutions for the efficient and sustainable treatment of various glass container types. Utilizing dry heat sterilization enables you to attain consistent treatment quality while optimizing energy consumption. Whether you are packaging liquid pharmaceuticals into ampoules, vials, injection and infusion bottles, cartridges, or syringes, ensuring the dependable sterilization of containers plays a crucial role in enhancing product safety.

Vial Sterilization Tunnel:

  • A vial sterilization tunnel is a specialized piece of equipment used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • It ensure the sterility of vials before they are filled with drugs or other sterile substances.
  • This tunnel employs a controlled environment, typically utilizing dry heat or other sterilization methods.
  • To eliminate or reduce microbial contaminants, ensuring the integrity and safety of the final pharmaceutical product.