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Five Reasons To Use An Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Automation in the packaging process creates many benefits for the packaging company.  This week we will analyze individual pieces of packaging equipment and explain some of these benefits.
The automatic liquid filler moves the product from a holding tank to the waiting bottles or other containers without the need for operator interaction during each fill cycle.  In automating the filling process, a company can expect to improve the packaging operation in several ways, including, but not limited to, the following.

1.  Consistent and Reliable Fills

Using an automatic filler removes the uncertainty from the filling process.  Whether looking for a level fill, a highly accurate volumetric fill or using some other specific criteria, the automatic machine ensures that each cycle is completed in the same manner.  Consistency and reliability that simply cannot be had by hand-filling bottles or containers are easily achievable with the right machine for each project.

2.  Speed

Once production demand reaches a certain level, it simply becomes unrealistic to hire manual labour to complete each bottle fill.  Probably the most obvious benefit of using automatic packaging machinery is the ability of the machinery to increase speeds.  Using power conveyors and multiple fill heads along with the proper filling principle allows production to not only run faster but run constantly.

3.  Versatility

Many companies use multiple bottles for a single product.  Several companies also run multiple products.  In most cases, a single liquid filler can be manufactured to handle all bottles and products packaged by a company.  Some machines will use simple adjustments to change from one bottle or product to another, while others might require a little more time on changeover where bottle sizes or product viscosity varies greatly from one to another.

4.  Ease of Use

Almost all automatic filling machinery will come equipped with a PLC and easy-to-use operator interface.  The interface uses a touchscreen that allows the operator to enter the various times and amounts necessary to complete each cycle.  Once the numbers are entered, a recipe screen will allow the same to be retained.  Eventually, the operator will simply need to enter the recipe number on the interface, make any physical adjustments (conveyor rails, fill head height, etc.) and then monitor the machine as it goes to work.

5.  Growth Potential

Automatic packaging machines can and should be manufactured with the future in mind.  In other words, the machine should not be manufactured to immediately meet maximum capacity.  At LPS, we build our equipment expecting our customers to experience growth!  Simple additions to filling machines, such as extra fill heads, allow the equipment to grow with the business.
While there are other benefits to automating the filling process from project to project, a packager can always expect to receive those noted above.  For more information on how automating packaging processes can benefit your unique project, contact our staff today.