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Pre-Filled Syringe Filling & Stoppering Machine

Pre-Filled Syringe Filling Machine and Dental Cartridge Filling Machine, Pre Filled Syringe Stoppering Machine, Pre Filled Syringe Sealing Machine

Pre-Filled Syringe Filling & Stoppering Machine

Pre-Filled Syringe Filling & Stoppering Machine

Pre-Filled Syringe Filling Machine and Dental Cartridge Filling Machine, Pre Filled Syringe Stoppering Machine, Pre Filled Syringe Sealing Machine, Pre Filled Syringe Plunger Insertion Machine, and Pre Filled Syringe Labeling Machine consisting of the main structure covered polycarbonate cabinet and SS 304 pipe, laminar airflow, filling head with individual servo motor, out-feed collection tray, vacuum system, pneumatic components, and electrical panel, AC Drive, PLC & HMI.

Syringe Filling Machine & Stoppering Machine loaded on Stainless Steel in-feed hopper. A prefilled syringe manufacturing process machine tray can directly be loaded onto the PFS machine. Duly filled & stoppered syringes delivered on outfeed collection tray without hand touch.

  • The machine is manufactured or developed accordance with GMP standards.
  • The structure is made of SS 304 or cladded with SS 304.
  • Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.
  • Machine with out-feed trays for collection of syringe tub.
  • All contact parts SS 316L and non-contact parts are SS 304.
  • Machine suitable for different syringe size with help of change part and depends on characteristic of liquid.
  • Servo with syringes synchronized system for filling Accuracy.
  • Filling volume set with touch screen HMI.
  • Pneumatically controlled Stoppering mechanism.
  • Very easy & accurate electronic based volume setting of different pre-fill syringes.
  • Zero Dripping filling stations.
  • Diving system with the design of timer belt and Stepper Motor/pneumatic Control which has no Vibration and very
    smooth kind of filling, filling material must be Fill Centrally in the Syringe.
  • Design of Nozzles and adjustment of flow rate is very useful for filling with minimum Air Bubble / foaming in
    the Syringes.
  • Low air machine stop sensor.
  • LAF stop machine stop sensor.
  • Door interlocking system.
  • A suitable expandable PLC with programming & 7” colour touch screen HMI.
  • The Pharma grade silicon tubes are used for filling & CIP/SIP.
  • There is a very less product change over time due to very less usage of mechanical parts.
  • All liquid contact parts easily removable for cleaning and sterilization purpose.
  • Machine with LAF which can maintain class 100 condition (OPTIONAL).
  • Co eccentric nozzles for quick filling of liquids.
  • For different heights of syringes, the whole assembly can be moved upwards & downwards.
  • Production counter is given with password protection for daily track report.
  • The faults can be detected on the PLC touch screen HMI and can be attended easily.
  • The output speed can be appeared on HMI screen.
  • Very less mechanical adjustment required due to the special design.
  • User friendly and very less maintenance required.
  • NITROGEN FLUSHING SYSTEM [OPTIONAL]: The filling unit has an inbuilt system for nitrogen flush. The unique dual
    filling nozzle flushes nitrogen before filling followed by filling operation.
  • Most reliable & proven mechanical components such as pneumatics & CE certified electrical/electronic such as AC
    motor, AC Drives, PLC & HMI Touch screen, safety interlock & Sensors, MCB’s, relay etc.
Suitable for Aqueous substance / Viscous substance with the help of change parts.
Filling station 1 No., 2 No., 5 No. & 10 Nos.
Filling Capacity 0.5 ml onwards
Output / minute Up to 100 PFS per minute @ 1 ml (Output may vary based on nature of the filling substance and volume)
Dosing accuracy ± 1%
Power Supply Three Phase, 440 V, 50 Hz (Stabilized)
Working height 850 mm ± 50 mm
Air consumption 5 CFM
Air supply 6 to 8 Kg / cm²
Nitrogen supply 5 CFM pressure (Customer scope)

Automatic Nest Picking-up and Transferring System for Filling and Sealing

The Automatic Nest Picking-Up and Transferring System for Filling and Sealing, an integral part of the Pre-Filled Syringe Packaging Line, revolutionizes the packaging process with its advanced automation and precision. This innovative system ensures seamless handling of syringes, picking them up from nests with accuracy and transferring them smoothly for filling and sealing operations. Its sophisticated design and efficient operation minimize errors and enhance productivity, making it an indispensable component of the packaging line. With its ability to synchronize seamlessly with other equipment, this system optimizes the overall packaging process, ensuring consistent and high-quality packaging of pre-filled syringes.

Sensor Inspecting System for Reject Shortage or Empty Rubber Stopper Line

The Sensor Inspecting System for Reject Shortage or Empty Rubber Stopper Line is a critical component ensuring the integrity and quality of pre-filled syringe packaging. Employing advanced sensor technology, this system meticulously inspects each syringe for shortages or empty rubber stoppers, swiftly identifying any anomalies that could compromise product safety or efficacy. By promptly detecting and rejecting defective syringes, this system upholds stringent quality standards. Its reliable performance enhances efficiency in the packaging process.

Rubber Stopper Feeding System

The Rubber Stopper Feeding System is a vital component in the pre-filled syringe packaging process, ensuring the seamless and efficient placement of rubber stoppers. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, this system automates the feeding of rubber stoppers into the packaging line maximizing productivity. Its advanced design enables consistent and accurate positioning of stoppers, contributing to the integrity and quality of the final packaged product. With user-friendly controls and robust construction, the Rubber Stopper Feeding System enhances operational efficiency, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted packaging of pre-filled syringes while maintaining stringent quality standards.


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