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    Bend Conveyor | Curve Conveyors | Curved Conveyor System

    Bend Conveyors

    Bend Conveyor | Curve Conveyor | 90-Degree Conveyor Systems

    Bend Conveyor is equipment to transfer products or materials from one place to another. Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd. offers state-of-the-art Curve Conveyor and 90-degree Conveyor Systems for the packaging line.

    What are Bend Conveyors/Curve Conveyors?

    Bend Conveyors efficiently transfer packed or open products by altering their direction. They come in modular, belt, and roller types, providing versatile solutions for changing the flow direction within various operations. Curve Conveyors are ideal for seamlessly redirecting the movement of goods during different stages of processes.

    Bend conveyors provide a more efficient, cost-effective solution to the alternatives of new premises or a compromised production process.

    Conveyor bend, the prevailing form of elevation variation, collaborates with horizontal curves to facilitate directional turns and changes in elevation within a singular conveyor system.

    Elevate your conveyor requirements to unprecedented levels. The experience is seamlessly smooth elevation changes with our moulded plastic vertical bends made with high-density polypropylene. The Curve conveyors are high-density polypropylene construction and are the predominant solution for achieving directional turns and elevation adjustments within a singular conveyor system.


    • Central radius of 400 mm (15.75”)
    • Adjustable angles ranging from 5 to 90 degrees
    • Effortless integration with our horizontal bends for seamless operation.

    90 Degree Conveyor Systems | 90 Degree Curve Conveyor | 90 Degree Curve Belt Conveyor

    Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd. presents 90 Degree Conveyor Systems designed for diverse commercial and industrial applications. This adaptable conveyor solution is ideal for manufacturing, food production, and any other environment requiring efficient product and material handling.

    Belt Conveyor 90 Degree Transfer | 90 Degree Belt Conveyor | 90 Degree Roller Conveyor

    Our 90-degree curve Belt Conveyor seamlessly introduces a 90° bend in the material conveying direction, perfect for applications such as one full coating line. Easy to install and exceptionally durable, our 90-degree conveyor offers reliable performance in various settings, making it a valuable addition to your conveyor system. HMPL provide customized solutions to suit your specific material handling needs entirely.

    HMPL offers various options to deviate from the conventional straight path. This flexibility is crucial as floor space and layout constraints often influence production lines and materials handling processes.

    Bend conveyors provide an efficient alternative to acquiring new premises or compromising the production process by optimizing available space. A standard bend conveyor makes a 90-degree turn. The two units enable a 180-degree turnaround, enabling a conveyor line to loop back on itself.

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