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Semi-Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

Harikrushna Machines is Proudly Engaged in Offering an exclusive assortment of Semi-Automatic Pet Blow Moulding Machines and PET Stretch blow Moulding Machines which are equipped with a combination of pneumatic and hydro pneumatic versions to ensure better and fast quality output.

Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

The Automatic Blow Moulding Machine by Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd. represents a significant innovation in PET bottle manufacturing. This fully automatic machine encompasses the entire production process, including auto-loading of preforms, auto heating, and auto-blowing, ensuring seamless and efficient operations. Capable of synchronizing with bottle filling lines, it transforms the production process into a labor-free system, significantly reducing production costs while delivering high-quality bottles. Designed for volumes ranging from 200 ml to 1000 ml, the machine is available in various capacities to meet different production needs: a 2-cavity model with 2200-2400 bottles per hour (BPH), a 4-cavity model with 5400 BPH, a 6-cavity model with 6800-7200 BPH, and an 8-cavity model with 11200 BPH.