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    Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

    The Tube Filling, Sealing & Coding System consists of main structure, tube moving with tube holding unit, safety acrylic enclosure (OPTIONAL), jacketed hopper with stirrer (OPTIONAL), filling nozzles, sealing head, coding unit, hot air sealing unit, electrical panel, PLC & HMI (OPTIONAL), mains on/off & motor.


    The machine is manufactured or developed accordance with GMP standards.
    Structure is made of MS cladded with SS 304.
    This machine is specially designed to fill, seal and code the Aluminum / LAMI / PVC Tubes.
    It can be used to fill viscous as well as semi viscous materials in Aluminum / LAMI / PVC Tubes.
    Machine preset with 20gms to 100gms Piston & Cylinder.
    All the contact parts are made of SS 316 (GMP Model).
    Tube holders are made of nylon for different diameter of tube.
    Relay electrical control systems operating panel with START, STOP and INCH.
    Specially designed hot air sealing unit to seal PVC tubes.
    Motor with variable speed.
    All moving parts are guarded / enclosed.
    Coding Device with 10 letters for one side.
    Hopper temperature thermocouple with digital display.


    Tube Diameter12 mm Ø to 50 mm Ø (Standard)
    Tube Length45 mm to 200 mm
    Filling Capacity10gms to 250gms Aluminum / LAMI / PVC Tubes (With the help of required change parts)
    Output Speed20 to 150 Tubes/Minute (Depending on viscosity of material, loading & fill capacity)
    Filling Accuracy± 1% of Filling Volume
    Power Supply Three Phase / 440 V AC / 50 Hz
    Compressed Air 4 to 5 Bar 100 L/Minute (If have sticky material)
    Hopper **500 mm Ø 600 H
    Change Partsa) Tube Holder b) Nozzle c) Auto Loader

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