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Milk Packaging Line | Buttermilk | Lassi Filling Line for PP (Polypropylene) Bottles

Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd. offers a state-of-the-art Complete Flavoured Milk/ Butter Milk/ Lassi Packaging Line for 200 ml PP (Polypropylene) bottles with up to 120 bottles per minute output speed.

Complete Flavoured Milk | Butter Milk | Lassi Packaging Line For PP Bottles

Milk Packaging Line: For Packaging Flavoured Milk, Buttermilk, and Lassi in PP Bottles

The Milk Packaging Line is suitable for 200-ml PP bottles with up to 120 bottles per minute output speed. The Complete Flavoured Milk, Buttermilk, and Lassi Bottling Line for PP Bottles consists of Bottle Cleaning Machine, Dry-Fruit Filler, Automatic Linear Milk Filling Machine, Automatic Conduction Sealing Machine, Pressure Leak Check Machine, Bottle Screw Capping Machine, Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator, Steam Operated Shrink Tunnel, Web Sealer, etc.

Flavoured Milk Packaging Solution for PP Bottle Packaging

Flavoured milk is enhanced with additional flavourings to make it more palatable and appealing to consumers. HMPL provides a completely flavoured milk packaging solution for 200-ml PP bottles at an affordable price.

Buttermilk Packaging System for PP Bottles

Buttermilk is a dairy product that is traditionally a byproduct of churning butter. HMPL offers a cutting-edge buttermilk packaging system for 200-ml PP bottles.

Lassi Filling Solution for PP Bottle Packaging

Lassi is a popular beverage in India and neighbouring countries. Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Lassi filling solution provider with reasonable costs in India.

Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd., a flavoured milk bottling line manufacturer and exporter in India

    • ISO 9001:2015 and CE-certified manufacturer and exporter
    • There are more than 12,500 machine installations in more than 60 countries
    • High-quality machinery at a reasonable cost
    • Prompt and the best pre-and post-sales services
    • Make machinery per international regulatory standards like WHO, GMP, cGMP, USFDA, MHRA, TGA, EMA, TRAs, CFIA, and FSMS
    • Tailored solutions to meet customers' specific requirements.

Un-Scrambler With Air Jet Cleaning

Introducing the Un-Scrambler with Air Jet Cleaning Machine by Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd., a sophisticated solution designed to optimize the handling and cleaning of PP (polypropylene) milk bottles. This advanced machine seamlessly combines the functionalities of unscrambling and air jet cleaning, ensuring that each bottle is correctly oriented and thoroughly cleaned before filling.

Dry - Fruit Filler

Introducing the Dry-Fruit Filler Machine by Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd., an innovative and versatile solution designed to efficiently fill PP (polypropylene) milk bottles with dry fruits. This advanced machine is engineered to handle various types of dry fruits, ensuring precise and hygienic filling for optimal packaging quality. The Dry-Fruit Filler Machine utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide accurate filling, minimizing product waste and ensuring consistency in every bottle.

Automatic Milk Filling Machine

The Milk Filling Machine is a cutting-edge solution for 200-ml glass and PP bottles with up to 120 bottles per minute output speed. Harikrushna Machines takes pride in presenting state-of-the-art milk-filling solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of the dairy industry. Our filling machine ensures precision, efficiency, and reliability in every operation. HMPL’s cutting-edge technology streamlines the milk packaging process and enhances production capabilities.

Automatic Conduction Sealing Machine

Introducing the Automatic Conduction Sealing Machine by Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd., an advanced and efficient solution specifically designed for sealing PP (polypropylene) milk bottles. This state-of-the-art machine utilizes conduction sealing technology to ensure airtight and secure seals, maintaining the freshness and safety of milk products.

Pressure Leak Check Machine

Introducing the Pressure Leak Check Machine by Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd., a state-of-the-art solution specifically designed for the accurate and efficient leak detection of PP (polypropylene) milk bottles. This advanced machine utilizes precision pressure testing technology to ensure that each milk bottle is thoroughly checked for any leaks or defects, maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in dairy packaging.

Automatic Screw Cap Sealing Machine

Automatic Screw Cap Sealing Machine consists of a main structure, product transmission belt with an adjustable guide, in-feed screw, star plate, sealing heads, vibratory bowl for caps, cap delivery chute, product’s height adjustment screw, safety acrylic cover (OPTIONAL), electrical panel, motor, sensors & AC drive. HMPL’s bottle capping machine is suitable for 10 ml to 500 ml Bottles with 22 & 25 mm / 25- & 28-mm cap sizes with 30 to 120 Bottles/Minute output speed.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator

The Automatic Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator Machine consists of a main structure, product transmission belt with guide adjustment, in-feed screw, sleeve former (mandrel), rotary cutter to cut sleeve, Safety acrylic cover, shrink tunnel with cooling fan, motors, sensors, electrical panel, AC drive, PLC & HMI. By Offering Durable Conveyance For Packaging Bottles, The Machine Is Best Suitable For Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Beverages, And Cosmetic Industries. Our Machine Offers Higher Accuracy By Resulting Inaccurate Labeling On The Object’s Surface.

Steam Operated Shrink Tunnel

Introducing the Steam-Operated Shrink Tunnel by Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd., an advanced packaging solution designed to provide seamless and efficient shrink-wrapping for a variety of products. Utilizing steam for the shrink process, this machine ensures uniform and precise application of shrink sleeves or labels, enhancing the overall presentation and security of packaged goods. Its robust construction and state-of-the-art technology enable it to handle high volumes with consistent performance, making it ideal for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and cosmetics.

Web Sealer

The Web Sealer is suitable for wrapping various-size containers. The advanced technology model having PLC controlled of each function ensures excellent shrinking. This model has standard parts that ensure that the operation of the machine is stable and consistent. Synchronized modular conveyor system which is converted bottle into to desired matrix form automatically. The sealing Head having a sensor system prevents mistakes while sealing & protects the operator.


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