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Complete IV Packaging Line (Large Volume Parenterals - Bags/ Bottles)

Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd. offers a state-of-the-art Complete IV Bottle/Bag Packaging Line (Large Volume Parenterals) for 100 ml To 1000 ml IV Bottles/Bags with 220 products per minute output speed.

Complete I. V. Packaging Line (Large Volume Parenterals – Bags/ Bottles)

Complete IV Packaging Line (Large Volume Parenteral - Bags and Bottles)

The Complete IV Packaging Line (Large Volume Parenterals - Bags/ Bottles) consists of a Pressure Leak Check Machine, Online Visual Inspection Conveyor, Sticker Labelling Machine, Buffer Conveyor, Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine, Packing Conveyor, Top & Bottom Box Tape Sealing Machine Etc. With a Speed of Up to 220 Bottles/minute.


Leak Check Machine

The Leak Check Machine for IV (Intravenous) Bottle Large Volume Parenteral is a critical component in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, particularly for ensuring the integrity of IV fluid containers. This specialized machine is designed to detect any leaks or imperfections in IV bottles used for large-volume parenteral solutions. This machine plays a crucial role in quality control processes, helping pharmaceutical companies adhere to strict regulatory standards and ensure that every IV bottle meets the highest levels of safety and efficacy.

Visual Inspection Conveyor

The Visual Inspection Conveyors play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry. It provides a reliable platform for quality control in pharmaceutical production. Inspection Conveyors enhance the efficiency of the inspection process, allowing for meticulous scrutiny of pharmaceutical products. The Visual Inspection Conveyor comprises a three-track conveyor featuring a hood equipped with a lighting arrangement and a visual inspection background alternating between black and white. The inspection table is constructed with a stainless-steel framework and incorporates a moving stainless steel slat chain.

IV Bottle/ IV Bag Sticker Labeling Machine

The Automatic Horizontal Top-Side Sticker Labelling Machine consists of a main structure, product transmission belt with guide adjustment, label dispensing unit, label pasting by nylon brush & sponge roller, motors, sensors, electrical panel, PLC & HMI, AC drives & mains ON/OFF. IV Bottle/ IV Bag Sticker Labeling Machine is suitable for labelling various products like Cartons / Pouches / I. V. Bottles / WFI Cassettes etc. with up to 200 labels per minute output speed.

Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine

The Automatic Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine is manufactured or developed following GMP standards. The conveyor is made of a specialized positive pusher on the chain. The Infeed conveyor is 2 meters long for an easy feed of our product. The provided machine is used for packaging various products like I.V. bottles repulse, and irregular-shaped product items. Our Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine is suitable for I. V. Bottles or any other kind of products for Heat Sealable Laminated Film 22 to 25 microns thick with up to 200 Product/Minute.

Automatic Horizontal Flow Wrapping Machine

Packing Conveyor

The Packing Conveyor loads and unloads packages from one place to another place with the help of a conveyor belt. Conveyors convey materials on a dynamic belt commonly employed in the packaging industry. The Packing Conveyor Belt plays a crucial role within the manufacturing unit. Packing conveyors find global use in diverse applications and are indispensable for specific stages of the production process.

Box Tape Sealing Machine

The BOPP Tape Sealing Machine by Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd. is a state-of-the-art solution designed to automate the sealing process with precision and efficiency. Crafted with meticulous engineering and innovative technology, this machine ensures seamless application of BOPP tape onto various packaging materials, enhancing the security and presentation of sealed packages. The BOPP Tape Sealing Machine exemplifies Harikrushna Machines’ dedication to providing high-quality solutions for packaging requirements, ultimately improving productivity and product integrity.


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