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    Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

    Automatic Cartoning Machine

    We are the Leading Manufacturer of Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine and our products are made of good quality, These machines provide High-Performance and Deliver excellent output owing to their compact design and are Manufactured in conformation with the latest needs of the pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries.

    The Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machines are useful for Soap Cartoning, Tube Cartoning, Bottle Cartoning, Vial Cartoning, Inhaler Packaging, Bearing Packaging, etc. Cartoner Machine is suited to handle such items as Tubes, Blister Strips, Bottles, Vials, Ampoules, Droppers, Inhalers, Film Rolls, Bearings, Soaps, and Many other products Falling within the wide range of the machine either individually or in combination. Cartoning Machines have inbuilt features of Product checking, Carton pick-up, Code embossing, Carton erection by a knife blade, Leaflet pick-up, Product insert, Carton closure, and Carton Discharge. Continuous motion Cartoning Machine for an output of 120 to 240 Cartons Per Minute.


    The machine is manufactured or developed accordance with GMP standards.
    Heavy duty, box section of mild steel frame work dully painted.
    Heavy MS plate at the bottom of above frame work to make the body frame heavy, robust and vibration free.
    Adjustable leg support.
    SS 304 guards to cover the machine body from all the side.
    Top of the machine body will be with SS frame work and acrylic sheet.
    Adjustable carton magazine to store different carton sizes.
    Rotary pick-ups through arm are associated with dry vacuum pump.
    Adjustable oscillatory carton pre-braking arm.
    No Product no carton pick-up.
    Extended product conveyor.
    Product conveyor made of Delrin pockets push fitted on product chain.
    Partition wall of Aluminum/ plastic.
    Gap between the partition walls is adjustable.
    Two or Three nos. of carton chains to hold the cartons.
    Each belt having vertical links.
    Belt position is adjustable easily from front guard to accommodate various carton widths.
    Product pusher assembly.
    Pusher assemblies to sliding on 15 mm rods make it sturdier.
    Sensitive overload protection mechanism.
    No Carton no Pushing of product.
    Rotary disc to close the first flap.
    Second flap to be closed by SS guides.
    Top flap to be closed with four bar mechanisms.
    The machine will be PLC based.
    A rotation control panel will have 7” touch screen.
    VFD to change the speed of machine.
    All electrical of Siemens, Pneumatics of Festo and sensors of European brand.
    Product to be sensed inside the carton and the cartons without Product will be rejected.
    All shafts to be hard chrome plated mounted on Ball bearings.
    Extra Long endless conveyor.
    Supply of metal embossing unit and provision for mounting of TIJ/CIJ will be provided.
    No Product, No Carton.
    No Carton, No product Insertion.
    Half product detection, machine to stop.
    Empty carton to be rejected.
    Continuous no carton pickup for 3 or more carton (settable value) the machine to stop.
    Vacuum insufficient the machine to stop.
    Less Air pressure the machine to stop.
    Less carton in the magazine the machine to stop.
    Any door opens the machine will stop.


    Carton Length45 to 65 mm (2 Chain) 65 to 170 mm (3 Chain)55 to 65 mm (2 Chain Machine) 65 to 180 mm (3 Chain Machine) 75 to 210 mm (4 Chain Machine)
    Carton Width8 to 75 mm20 to 100 mm
    Carton Height18 to 55 mm20 to 60 mm (Standard) 15 to 70 mm (On Special Request)
    Carton TypeTuck-in typeTuck-in type
    Carton Size (L x W x H)To be Specify by CustomerTo be Specify by Customer
    Leaflet Size (Folded) (L x W)110 mm to 200 mm L 15 mm to 45 mm WMin: 20 to 110 mm Max: 35 to 170 mm
    Output SpeedUp to 120 Cartons/Minute (Depends upon product, carton shape & size & operator)Up to 240 Cartons/Minute (Depends upon product, carton shape & size & operator)
    Working Height900 ± 50 mm900 ± 50 mm
    Power Consumption4.0 KW4.0 KW
    Power SupplyThree Phase/440 V AC/50 HzThree Phase/440 V AC/50 Hz
    Air Supply4 CFM Air @ 6 Kg/cm²4 CFM Air @ 6 Kg/cm²
    Air Consumption10 CFM Approx.25 CFM Approx.
    Net Weight1900 Kg Approx.1900 Kg Approx.
    Dimensions5150 × 2650 × 2110 mm (L x W x H) Approx.5520 × 1850 × 1770 mm (L x W x H) Approx.
    Carton GSM250 to 350 g/m²280 to 350 g/m²
    Leaflet GSM60 to 70 g/m²60 to 70 g/m²

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