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    Semi-Automatic Timer Filling Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

    Semi-Automatic Timer Filling Machine

    The Semi-Automatic Timer Filling Machine consists of the main structure of SS, product holders, 100 liters tank with a stirrer, level controller, filling pump, filling nozzle, auto & manual mode, pedal switch & AC drive.




    The Machine is manufactured or developed accordance with GMP standards.
    The whole structure is made of SS 304 matt finish.
    The contact parts are made of SS 316 such as pump / nozzle / tank & valve.
    Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.
    Use of food grade PVC breaded for the flow of liquid.
    Each filling head can work independently.
    Unique Bottle & Nozzle holding device.
    The storage tank with stirrer, level controller, auto inlet valve, over flow connection.
    The machine is supplied with easy to clean inbuilt storage tank.
    The drain valve below the filling tank for flushing purpose.
    Drain tray around the machine platform.
    Filling pump which is useful to suck the filling material from storage tank to nozzle end very quickly. More over this facility is useful to clean filling line as well as filling pump. The same function for individual pumps.
    Easy to adjust for different filling volume.
    Machine has electronic components such as AC Drive, speed port switch, timer in place of mechanical parts such as syringe, Teflon seal rod etc.
    Digitally controlled settings.
    Three phase power requirements.
    Very high fill accuracy of ± 1 % with water.
    No change parts required for different filling volumes / bottles.
    Flow of liquid can be controlled by VFD.
    User friendly and high scalability.


    Prime with variable speed facility.
    Individual Prime facility for each Pump.
    Pump start with settable time in auto mode.
    Settable time facility to dispense different volume.
    Settable speed facility to dispense different viscosity product (important feature for foamy product).
    Adjustable filling nozzle with horizontal and vertical movement for different diameter and different Height products with adjustable product guide.
    Anti-shutoff valve to avoid dripping.


    Suitable For50 ml to 5000 ml50 ml to 5000 ml
    Output / minute10 to 15 bottles (Water) (Depending upon volume, viscosity of Liquid & manual loading unloading)20 to 25 bottles (Water) (Depending upon volume, viscosity of Liquid & manual loading unloading)
    Filling Capacity50 ml onward50 ml onward
    Pump Capacity`**Depends on viscosity of product and volume.**Depends on viscosity of product and volume.
    Power SupplyThree Phase / 440 V AC / 50HzThree Phase / 440 V AC / 50Hz
    Air Consumption4 to 6 Kg/Cm², 5 CFM4 to 6 Kg/Cm², 5 CFM
    Net Weight75 Kg Approx.150 Kg Approx.

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