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Semi Automatic Piston Filling Machine

The Semi-Automatic Piston Filling System consists of main structure, filling nozzle, hopper, pneumatic cylinder, pedal switch & mains ON/OFF.


The machine is manufactured or developed accordance with GMP standards.
The structure is made of SS 304 matt finish.
The contact parts are made of SS 316.
Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.
The machine is run with air where electric supply is not required.
The unit is controlled by compressed air.
No change parts required for different filling volumes / products.
Specially designed pneumatic cylinder operated nozzle with plunger to avoid the dripping.
The machine can be used for various sizes of products.
Emergency on / off switch to prevent accident.
User friendly and high scalability.
Easy screw adjustment & easy to clean.
All pneumatic connections FESTO/SMC/Janatics make.
Dual – Auto & Manual mode operation.
20 Kg single wall made of SS 316 hopper.


Filling Volume50 - 500 ml
Filling Accuracy± 1 to 1.5% of Filling Weight
Speed (BPM)10 to 15 Products/Minute (Depending on viscosity of material & manual loading)
Air Pressure5 to 8 Kg/cm²
Air Consumption50 L/Min
Net Weight28 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H )mm1080 x 320 x 410

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