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    Semi-Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine For Flat / Square Bottles

    Semi-Automatic Table Top Sticker Labelling Machine for Flat and Square Bottles

    The Semi-Automatic Tabletop Sticker Labelling Machine For Flat / Square bottles consists of a main structure, product holding unit, label dispenser unit, vacuum label pasting unit, foot-operated switch, electrical panel, sensor, motor & PLC.


    The Square and Round Bottle Labelling Machine is manufactured or developed accordance with GMP standards.
    The structure is made of SS/MS anodized or powder coated.
    Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.
    Easy to operate by foot mounted switch
    Can be operated by semi-skilled operator.
    Specially designed drive mechanism for Label Release.
    Change parts required for different size of products i.e. product holding unit & vacuum pad.
    Dispensing Unit to dispense labels.
    Vacuum pad for dispense label holding.
    Machine is suitable for flat/square/oval Product.
    Reel mechanism (Size: 300 mm) to hang the roll with core ID of 76 mm (3”).
    Break assembly to avoid variation during releasing of roll.
    No Product No Labelling.
    The machine can be utilized for various sizes of products.
    User-friendly and very less maintenance required.
    Height can be easily adjusted as per the products.
    The adjustable or fixed product holding unit.
    Specially designed pneumatic label pasting unit to paste label on product.
    Fiber Optic based Label Gap sensor to sense the gap between two labels (Sensor Make: LEUZE/BANNER/SICK).
    Most reliable and proven components pneumatic and electrical/electronic motor, PLC, MCB & relay “CE” make.


    Bottle SamplesFlat / Square / Oval Bottles
    Product SizeTo be Specify by Customer
    Label SizeTo be Specify by Customer
    Output SpeedUp to 15 Bottles/Minute (Speed depends on product size, label size & manual loading unloading)
    Working HeightTabletop
    Power SupplySingle Phase/ 230 V AC/ 50 Hz
    Air4 to 6 Kg/Cm²
    Machine Dimension1340 mm L x 545 mm W x 735 ± 50 mm H

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