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    Liquid Packaging Machines - Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.

    Mineral Water Packaging Line | Juice Filling Line | Bottling Line

    Complete Mineral Water and Juice Packaging Line

    Mineral Water Packaging Line | Juice Packaging Line | Filling Line for Beverages

    Our Mineral Water Packaging Line/ Juice Filling Line is suitable for packaging a wide range – 250 ml, 300 ml, 500 ml, 1 Liter and 2 Liter bottles with up to 300 bottles per minute output speed.

    • Automatic Blow Moulding Machine
    • Automatic Rotary Rinsing, Filling and Capping Machine
    • Automatic Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator with Steam Operated Shrink Tunnel
    • Sticker Labelling Machine
    • Automatic Web Sealer with Shrink Tunnel
    • Air Conveyor
    • Outfeed Conveyor
    • Inspection Station

    Juice Bottling Line | Mineral Water Bottling Line | Complete Packaging Solutions

    Welcome to Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd., your premier destination for cutting-edge solutions in juice and mineral water bottling lines, along with comprehensive packaging solutions. Committed to excellence and innovation, we take pride in offering state-of-the-art machinery and services to meet the evolving needs of the beverage industry.

    Juice Bottling Line Manufacturer & Exporter:

    Our Juice Bottling Line provides efficiency and precision in every step of the bottling process. From high-speed filling machines to reliable capping and labeling systems, we ensure that juice products are handled with the utmost care and hygiene. Our equipment is adaptable to a variety of juice viscosities, ensuring consistent quality and taste whether bottling citrus blends or green juices.

    Mineral Water Bottling Line Manufacturer & Exporter:

    For the hydration market, our Mineral Water Bottling Line sets the standard for purity and reliability. Advanced purification systems guarantee the highest quality water for bottling, while our filling and capping technology ensures a secure and leak-proof seal. With customizable options for different bottle sizes and production capacities, our Mineral Water Bottling Line delivers crisp, pure hydration to consumers.

    Complete Packaging Solutions Provider in India:

    At Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd., we offer more than just machinery; we provide complete packaging solutions to streamline your production process. From label applicators and shrink-wrapping machines to case packers, our solutions are designed for efficiency and flexibility. We understand the importance of packaging in brand identity, and our systems create visually appealing and consumer-friendly packages for your products.

    Why Choose Harikrushna Machines Pvt. Ltd.?
    • Cutting-edge Technology: Equipped with the latest technology for optimal performance and reliability.
    • Customization: Solutions are customizable to meet specific requirements and preferences.
    • Quality Assurance: Prioritize quality at every stage, ensuring solutions exceed industry standards.
    • Comprehensive Support: Provide comprehensive after-sales support, maintenance, and training to maximize machine efficiency and lifespan.
    Our Filling Line is suitable for various types of beverage products.
    • Juice Concentrate
    • Natural Fruit Juice/Organic Vegetable Juice
    • Tropical Juice
    • Citrus Juice
    • Ready To Serve Juice/ Instant Drink
    • Health Drinks
    • Herbal Drinks
    • Soft Drinks (Craft Soda)
    • Energy Drinks
    • Fruit Mocktail Syrup
    • Hydration Drinks
    • Chocolate Drinks
    • Rice Drinks
    • Maize Drinks
    • Caffeinated Drinks
    • Carbonated Drinks
    • Barley Drinks
    • Mineral, Distilled & Alkaline Water

    Filling Line for Various Fruit and Vegetable Juices

    Acai JuiceAde JuiceAloe Vera JuiceAmla Juice
    Apple JuiceAsparagus JuiceAvocado Juice Beetroot Juice 
    Blackcurrant JuiceBok Choy JuiceBroccoli JuiceCabbage Juice 
    Cantaloupe JuiceCarrot JuiceCelery JuiceCherry Juice
    Cilantro JuiceClams JuiceCollard Greens JuiceCranberry Juice
    Cucumber JuiceDandelion Greens JuiceDandelion JuiceDragonfruit Juice
    Fennel JuiceGarlic JuiceGinger JuiceGrape Juice
    Grapefruit JuiceGreen Coconut WaterGreen JuiceGuava Juice
    Hemp JuiceHoneydew JuiceJus Gandaria Juice Kaffir Lime Juice
    Kale JuiceKiwifruit JuiceLemon JuiceLettuce Juice
    Lime JuiceLimeade JuiceLimonana JuiceLingonberry Juice
    Lychee JuiceMango JuiceMelon JuiceMint Juice
    Mora JuiceMosambi JuiceMountain Begonia JuiceNoni Juice
    Orange JuiceOtai JuicePapaya JuiceParsley Juice
    Petimezi JuicePineapple JuicePog JuicePomegranate Juice
    Prune JuiceSalgam JuiceSpinach JuiceStrawberry Juice
    Sugarcane JuiceSweet Potato JuiceSwiss Chard JuiceTamarind Juice
    Tejuino JuiceTomato JuiceTurnip JuiceWatercress Juice
    Watermelon JuiceWheatgrass JuiceWinter Melon Punch JuiceZucchini Juice

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