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    Manual Batch Coding Machine, Batch Coding Machines

    Manual Batch Coding Machine Consist Of: Motorized Table – Top coder for semi-automatic registered printing of Manual Batch Coding Machine No., Mfg., Expedite., M.R.P. Rs., Ingredients, Logos, etc. on labels, pouches, cartons, tins, cans, boxes, bottles (curvature), etc. or for online registered printing on any intermittent FFS (Form Fill Seal), Oil / Milk Pouch Packing machine, etc.

    Display, soft-touch keys & production counter, for Semi-Automatic registered printing of .No., Mfg.., Exp. Dt., M.R.P., etc. The stereos used are the flat or grooved type which can be easily press-fitted & replaced daily for a max. 4 to 6 line printing area of 35 X 35 mm. It has an in-built settable timer for speed control & also has Foot Switch for the controlled operation to give production speeds from 1000 to 3000 pieces per hour depending upon operator skill. (Free accessories include ½ Lit. In k, ½ Lit. Solvent, 2.5 mm Grooved Rubber Character Set, Ink Cartridge & Foot Switch). This coder is multi-purpose & suitable for registered printing on pouches, labels, laminated cartons, tins, bottles.


    Supply Voltage 230 Vac ± 10%, 15 VA
    Printing Area 4 to 6 lines (max. 35 X 35 mm)
    Printing Speed Max. 80 imprints / min
    Prints using Easily Changeable Grooved / Flat / Rubber / Nylon stereos
    Inking Medium Special rechargeable ink / Wax cartridge / Ink Paste
    Printing Medium Quick drying liquid ink (Black, Red, White, Golden, etc.)
    Impressions 15,000 per 20 ml. charge
    Weight 1-Kg, 3-Kg

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