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    Automatic High Speed Rotary Ampoule & Vial Washing Machine

    Rotary Ampoule and Vial Washing Machine - Harikrushna Machines

    The Ampoule and Vial Washing Machine Are Specially Designed to Wash Ampoule/Vial With Minimum Contact of Machine Parts With Ampoule/vial. The Machine is Suitable to Wash Various Sizes of Ampoules/Vials With the help of Change Parts. Automatic Rotary Ampoule/Vial Washing Machine is Widely Used in the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary & Biotech Industries. Machine With Specially Designed Gripper System Holds the Ampoule/Vial From Neck and Invert Till the Washing Operation is Completed and Again After Washing Release the Ampoule/Vial on out-feed Feed Screw System in Vertical Position Ensures Positive Wash of Ampoules/Vials.


    The machine is manufactured or developed accordance with GMP standards.
    The structure is made of SS 304.
    The contact parts are made of SS 316.
    Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.
    Basic machine will be provided with one set of change parts.
    The whole machine covered with cabinet of SS and poly carbonate glass doors.
    The washing section is totally covered with poly carbonate cabinet which is easy to clean.
    Absolutely simple machine to operate.
    All exposed parts are of SS 304, electro less nickel plated or brass for a corrosion free long life.
    The nozzles enter into the ampoules/vials mouth during the washing operation ensuring penetration of washing Medias to the core a perfect washing principle.
    Fixed top nozzles ensure external washing of ampoules/vials at the same time of internal washing.
    Washing sequence can be made as per customer’s requirements.
    Machine with drainage system.
    Individual solenoid valve for wash media application.
    Two nos. of centrifugal pump.
    Two nos. of SS tanks.
    1 No. each for DM Water & Re-circulation Water, WFI Water & Compressed Air can be Directly from Loop Connection.
    Four nos. of glycerin filled pressure gauges.
    Four nos. of SS 316 filter housing of code-7 with its nylon cartridges.
    Emergency switch is provided on both end (In-feed & Out-feed).


    **Internal Washes****Washing Media**
    1st WashRe-circulated Water
    2nd WashCompressed Air
    3rd WashDM Water
    4th WashCompressed Air
    5th WashWFI Water
    6th WashCompressed Air
    **External Washes****Washing Media**
    1st WashRe-circulated Water
    6th WashCompressed Air


    Ampoule Machine / Vial Machine Volume1 ml to 20 ml Ampoules / 2 ml to 30 ml Vials 1 ml to 20 ml Ampoules / 2 ml to 30 ml Vials
    Output Speed120 Ampoules / Vials Per Minute 240 Ampoules / Vials Per Minute (Speed Depends upon Product Size)
    Direction of Movement Left to RightLeft to Right
    Working Height 900 ± 50 mm Adjustable900 ± 50 mm Adjustable
    Power Supply3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing / 415 V AC / 50 Hz3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing / 415 V AC / 50 Hz
    Wash CycleSix inner + Two Outer washSix inner + Two Outer wash
    Net Weight1750 Kg (Approx.)1800 Kg (Approx.)
    Dimensions2050 mm (L) x 2000 mm (W) x 1210 mm (H) Approx.2250 mm (L) x 2250 mm (W) x 1450 mm (H) Approx.


    Power 3 Phase + N + E, 5 Core, 50 Hz (in customer’s scope) Total 5 HP power required.
    AirCompressed Filter Air 30 CFM
    Water Purified Water: 400 Liters/Hour WFI Water: 120 Liters/Hour

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