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    Automatic Premium Bottle Labeling Machine - Sticker Labelling Machine with 21 CFR System

    Automatic Premium Bottle Labelling Machine - Sticker Labelling Machine with 21 CFR System

    The Automatic Premium Bottle Labeling Machine – Sticker Labelling Machine with 21 CFR of the main structure is covered with an SS cabinet and safety Polycarbonate enclosure, belt conveyor, separator unit, dispenser unit, wrapping unit, electrical panel, PLC & HMI, Vision System (OPTIONAL), AC drives, rejection system (OPTIONAL) & A batch printing unit (OPTIONAL).

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    The machine is manufactured or developed accordance with GMP standards.
    Structure is made of SS 304.
    All moving parts of the machine covered by safety guards of SS.
    All expose parts of MS are powder coated / electro less nickel plated.
    5 feet long Rubberized Endless Conveyor Belt.
    Conveying system to convey the product with easy adjustable side guide.
    Conveying system equipped with imported AC frequency variable drive for variable speed with constant torque.
    Unique motorized separator to ensure uniform distance between two products.
    Unique machine for all round products label application without change parts.
    Full / Partial labeling is possible.
    Machine Suitable for Round Product like Vial/ Bottle/ Jar/ Tin / Can and Container.
    Specially designed drive mechanism for Label Release.
    Reel mechanism (Size: 300 mm) to hang the roll with core ID of 76 mm (3”).
    Break assembly to avoid variation during releasing of roll.
    Various label position adjustment with the help of sliding pipe assembly.
    Specially designed wrapping unit to wrap label on product.
    The Wrapping belt is made of specialized nylon sponge material for longer life.
    Most reliable and proven components such as Festo/SMC/Janatics make pneumatic and electrical/electronic such as Panasonic/Bonfiglioli/Motovario/Rotomotive make AC motor, Delta make AC Drive, PLC & HMI (Keypad), MCB & relay “CE” make.


    No Product No Labeling.
    Fiber Optic based Product sensor to sense the product (Sensor Make: LEUZE/BANNER/SICK).
    Fiber Optic based Label Gap sensor to sense the gap between two labels (Sensor Make: LEUZE/BANNER/SICK).
    The unit is made compact design & user friendly operating HMI.
    Special HMI function like product delay & pre dispensing length For makes easy machine setting.
    HMI with 4 level password systems for safety operator, supervisor, manager & administrator level.
    Label dispensing speed can set digital by using HMI.
    Motor unlock facility for changing the label roll.
    PPM (Product per machine) facility is available.
    Capacity to speed control AC drive from HMI.
    Multiple program facility.
    The Panel unit is made in compact design & easy serviceable/Removable.


    Product Size (Ø)15 mm Ø to 90 mm Ø
    Product RangeRound Vials/Bottles
    Label SizeUp to 95 mm H
    Output SpeedUp to 200 Products/Minute
    Working Height850 mm ± 50 mm Adjustable
    Power Consumption2.5 KVA
    Power Supply3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing/ 440V AC/ 50Hz
    Air Supply4 to 6 Kg/Cm2
    Net Weight550 Kg Approx.
    Dimensions2100 mm (L) x 1200 mm (W) x 1850 x 50 mm (H)

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