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A Brief Overview Of Drinking Water & Juice Packaging Lines

You all know that the use of packaged bottled water is being grown for the last few years. The consumption of such bottles has increased worldwide. Because of this only, many companies earn huge profits by selling drinking water stored in packaged bottles. Almost all people opt to make use of it as it is safe having pure and mineral water.


Millions of people across the world want to use packaged drinking water rather than tap water as it is packed with several health benefits. Another reason they go for bottled water is that it is much tastier than tap water. Packaged bottled water is believed to be safe drinking water. Drinking bottled water is a part of our everyday life. To meet up the requirement of bottled water, you can have many drinking bottled water packaging Lines.


Functions of packaged drinking water packaging line


Water & Juice Packaging Lines go through different processes to purify water. Water has to be processed. So that it gets cleared of germs and other harmful microbes. We are going to list out the processes that come about in the processing plant. Here are some of the key processes.


Filtrating: Water is stored from various sources i.e. rivers, underground and so on. It needs to be filtered before going to drink it. Water consists of several harmful solid contents that need to be removed. A series of filtration like microfiltration, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration is being utilized to remove those particles to make clean the water.


Reverse osmosis: It is made to purify water by removing larger particles from drinking water. It can take out many molecules and ions from water.


UV (ultraviolet) Sterilizers: It is used for both fresh and saltwater. Generally, it is easily merged by the primary filtration system. It can clean water-borne germs.


Ozonation: The process of ozonation is done after filtration. It helps to kill bacteria and viruses in water. At the time of ozonating, it is transformed into oxygen and water by removing toxic molecules.


Nowadays packaged drinking water is easily available everywhere from public stores to shopping malls. It is observed that the largest end-user of bottled water in Europe and the second-largest consumer in India. In the past, purchasing bottled water was considered a sign of a rich man, but now everyone can afford it.


As there are several bottling plants and industries in the country, packaged drinking water becomes cheap and easily available. The competitive rates and the marketing strategies adopted by a large group of multinationals in the country have led to an increase in the consumption and availability of bottled water in the country. Various companies are producing bottled water and that is the reason packaged drinking water has become cheap.


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